Puzzles - International

  • Bakerstreet-icon Baker Street Puzzleby Knight Features

    In Baker Street Puzzle, Holmes and Watson bring you a new word or logic puzzle each week.

  • 60-fti Family Time Crosswordby Timothy Parker

    A crossword for the whole family to enjoy!

  • 60-hida Hidatoby Gameblend Studios, LLC

    Hidato is one of the most challenging puzzles in The Puzzle Society. It's guaranteed to provide puzzle solvers plenty of head-scratching enjoyment. It's a unique number and puzzle game, where numbered tiles must be placed in touching spaces in order to continue with the number sequence.

  • 60-kaku Universal Kakuroby Number Puzzles, Inc.

    A crossword puzzle with numbers -- follow the clues to find the proper sequence of numbers that run vertically and horizontally.

  • Kak-icon Kakuro du Jour

    Un puzzle Kakuro utilise des combinaisons de chiffres horizontaux et verticaux qui se recoupent sur une grille quadrillee, comme pour les mots-croises. 

  • Tiny_avatar Sudoku Dailyby Andrews McMeel Syndication

    Sudoku Daily is a puzzle that uses numbers instead of words. It's a grid of 81 squares, divided into nine blocks of nine squares each. Some of the squares contain a digit. The goal is to fill in the empty squares so that the digits 1 through 9 appear just once in every row, column and individual block.

  • Sudokufrench-icon Sudoku du Jour

    Completez la grille de facon a ce que chaque ligne, colonne, et case 3 x 3 contienne chaque chiffre de 1 a 9 inclus.  Tapex vos entrees dans les cases. Ou bien cliquez sure une case, gardez le bouton de la souris appuye et deplacez-la en haut ou en bas pour y placer chaque chiffre.

  • 60-sudom Sudoku Megaby Andrews McMeel Syndication

    A giant Sudoku puzzle for logic puzzle addicts.

  • Sudoku Sudoku Pacificby Andrews McMeel Syndication

    Fill in every row, column and 3x3 box in the 9x9 grid using the numbers 1-9 with no repeats. Play Sudoku Pacific and see for yourself why the original Sudoku puzzle is a global phenomenon!

  • Supermaze Supermazeby Mike Fallon

    The giant, weekly version of Minutemaze offers a mind-bending challenge for puzzle fans of all ages.

  • Tagliches Tagliches Kakuro

    Ein Kakuro-Puzzle ist ein Kreuzwortratsel mit Zahlen. Die "Zielwerte" befinden sich in den kleinen Dreiecken.

  • Sudokugerman-icon Tagliches Sudoku

    Vervollstandige das Raster, sodass jede Reihe, Spalte und 3x3 Box jede Zahl von 1 bis 9 enthalt. Tipp deine Eingaben in die Felder. Oder click auf ein Feld, halt die Maustaste gedruckt und zieh hoch oder runter, um jede Nummer einzustellen.

  • Teleword Telewordby David Ouellet

    Circle all the words in the grid to get the hidden answer!

  • Tiny_avatar Universal Crosswordby David Steinberg

    Available for print / Web / HTML5

    The original hit puzzle sets the standard for all daily crosswords. Clues and themes are served up fresh daily in this classic puzzle.

  • Tiny_avatar Universal Sudoku Dailyby Andrews McMeel Syndication

    Universal Sudoku (9) is the most popular and widely played Sudoku puzzle in the world. Daily delivery keeps players coming back.

  • Whatzit-icon Whatzit?by Paul Sellers

    A brainteaser puzzle that will push, pull, twist and bend your mind as you try to decipher the intended phrase or word.

  • Tiny_avatar WonderWordby David Ouellet

    Wonderword is a word search puzzle that has a grid of letters containing hidden theme words and a mystery answer.