Puzzles - Card

  • 60-arbum Bumper Cards

    Bumper Cards is the ultimate twist on Blackjack. Rack up points with multiple stacks of cards that add up to 21, all while the clock ticks down to zero.

  • Tiny_avatar Intergalactic Battleshipsby iWin

    Defend earth from aliens in this new twist on the Classic Game of Battleships

  • Tiny_avatar Jumble Solitaire - flash onlyby David L. Hoyt and Jeff Knurek

    Jumble Solitaire combines two favorites: the word-unscrambling challenge of Jumble and the card game fun of Solitaire. Extra points are earned for unscrambling the Jumble Bonus Word!

  • Tiny_avatar Yukon Solitaireby iWin

    Classic Yukon Solitaire to enjoy! Play this classic card game and try to win big!