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PageCaptain, the Andrews McMeel Syndication pagination service, is a partner to some of the largest and most respected publications in the newspaper industry. From layout to editing to requirements big and small, our technicians and customer service specialists handle everything. We work closely with your team to ensure an error-free product, and offer complete editorial services at no additional charge.

PageCaptain guarantees:

  • Cost efficiency
  • Outstanding 24/7 customer service
  • Complete editorial support
  • Error-free pages

What we do:

  • Daily black-and-white comics
  • Daily color comics
  • Sunday comics
  • Text features/puzzles

In addition to layout and page design, we offer full colorization services. We have exceptional pricing and can work with any size publication. We also ensure timely delivery of pages and provide 24/7 support if there are questions or last-minute updates.

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PageCaptain Samples

Use these samples to see how our files will work within your publication.

  1. Black-and-White Broadsheets
  2. Color Broadsheets
  3. Black-and-White Tabloids
  4. Color Tabloids
  5. Sunday Broadsheets
  6. Sunday Tabloids

All samples are in .pdf format and require Adobe Acrobat viewer. Different formats available upon request.