Puzzles - Crossword

  • Tiny_avatar 7 Little Wordsby Christopher York

    7 Little Words is the 2011 creation of Christopher York. Its unique format distills the best elements of crosswords, word finds and anagrams into bite-sized puzzles.

  • 60-can Canadiana Crosswordby Jim and Boots Struthers

    Canadiana Crossword is the perfect puzzle for Canada aficionados, focusing on Canadian culture, history, geography, and more.

  • Crosswordpuzzlerdaily-icon Crossword Puzzler Dailyby Dan Stark

    Crossword puzzle fans get their talents tested in this daily crossword.

  • 60-cxc Crosswords Cubedby Andy Harrison

    Looking for a fun crossword challenge? Then look no further than Crosswords Cubed. This digital crossword game comes with a twist. By solving each side of the crossword cube you unlock each day's two hidden phrases. While each side of the cube may hold a small crossword puzzle, you'll have big fun solving the whole puzzle.

  • 60-fti Family Time Crosswordby Timothy Parker

    A crossword for the whole family to enjoy!

  • 60-jnz Jonesin' Crosswordby Matt Jones

    An irreverent, witty take on the traditional crossword puzzle.

  • Jumble-crosswords Jumble Crosswords

    Jumble Crosswords takes two word-puzzle favorites and blends them into one addictive, scrambled-up challenge!

  • Pat-sajack-crossword Pat Sajak's Code Letter Crosswordsby Pat Sajak

    The fun of a daily crossword with a coded letter bonus!

  • Pat-sajack_ll Pat Sajak's Lucky Lettersby Pat Sajak

    Slots meet crosswords in this fast-paced brain teaser from Pat Sajak.

  • Tiny_avatar PlayFour!by John Wilmes

    Available for print / Web / HTML5 Don't have lots of time? Try this quick, challenging four-by-four puzzle. It's perfect for a quick break - not too tough that you can't finish it in just a few minutes, but hard enough to keep you on your toes and coming back for more every day!

  • Tiny_avatar Rock and Roll Crosswordsby Todd Santos

    Crosswords and rock and roll are both easily quite high on the list of America's favorite pastimes. Rock and Roll Crosswords challenge the player's trivia knowledge and provoke creative thinking. Rock and roll is, by nature, edgy and fun. Rock and Roll Crosswords fuses them together to form a union of rock knowledge and true crossword divinity.

  • Tiny_avatar The Puzzle Society Crosswordby David Steinberg

    David Steinberg published his first crossword puzzle in The New York Times when he was just 14 years old, making him the second-youngest constructor to be published under Will Shortz’s editorship. At the age of 15, David became the crossword editor of the Orange County Register’s 24 affiliated newspapers.

  • Themecrossword-icon Theme Crosswordby James Barrick

    The clues and answers to each puzzle relate to a different theme every week.

  • Tiny_avatar Universal Crosswordby Timothy Parker

    Available for print / Web / HTML5

    The original hit puzzle from Tim Parker sets the standard for all daily crosswords. Clues and themes are served up fresh daily in this classic puzzle.

  • Puzzle_default_icon Universal Crossword - Weeklyby Timothy Parker

  • Puzzle_default_icon Universal Sunday Crosswordby Timothy Parker

    Put your cruciverbalist skills to the test with Universal Sunday Crossword! The clever themes and extra-large 21-by-21 grids of this classic Tim Parker puzzle are a hit with fans everywhere!