Legend of Bill by Kevin Vassey & Don Kuehn

Type: Comic Strip
Frequency: 1x Weekly
Categories: Web Exclusive, Dragon, Castle.

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Legend of Bill is about wannabe barbarian Bill and his best pal Frank the blue dragon, who, unsatisfied with their mundane lives as file clerk interns in the local castle accounting department, decide to set off for adventure in the free-as-a-bird life of a roaming barbarian and his dragon... and man are THEY in for a big wake-up call!! Along the way, they meet Princess Gina, a tough as nails warrior princess on a mission, the evil Dark Queen, who has a thing for Bill, and a plethora of other oddball characters in their never-ending quest for adventure, action, and a stein of milk and cookies at every Inn!

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David Reddick

David Reddick is a professional cartoonist and the creator of Legend of Bill. David is also the creator of other comics such as “The Trek Life” for CBS/STARTREK.COM , Star Trek Magazine, IDW Publishing, Tokyopop and CBS Mobile, as well as “Gene’s Journal” and “Rod & Barry” for Roddenberry.com. David's officially-licensed sci-fi and fantasy art is represented by Lightspeed Fine Art. David has produced cartoon work for Paramount Pictures, CBS Studios, Canson, Inc., and the NCAA to name a few. David has had his work distributed through Scripps Howard News Service, Artizans Syndicate and CNHI News Service, and has been seen in magazines such as Nickelodeon, Scholastic’s The New York Times UpFront, Woman’s World and Knights of the Dinner Table. David worked as the award-winning full-time staff editorial cartoonist for The Herald Bulletin daily newspaper in Indiana for 6 years before joining the staff of Paws, Inc., where he works by day as a full-time cartoonist at the Garfield studio.

Meet the Cast of Legend of Bill

Bill The bumbling barbarian hero. Formerly a file clerk intern, now an adventuring hero! Kind of!
Frank His dragon friend, also a former file clerk.
Princess Gina Tough-as-nails warrior princess on a mission.
Dark Queen Oh yes. She's evil.

Legend of Bill takes the barbarian adventure story and takes a turn towards wacky. Was a barbarian hero ever so bumbling? Were tavern wenches ever so busty? Romance! Dragons! (not together!) Hot-yet-evil villainesses! This is the way of the world in David Reddick's imaginative comic. What more could you ask for?

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