Comics Panels

  • Tiny_avatar The Argyle Sweaterby Scott Hilburn

    Part subtlety, part irony, part chicken stock, The Argyle Sweater by Scott Hilburn is a modern comic recipe that's light on the heart and warms the soul -- and possibly wets your pants.

  • Tiny_avatar Brevityby Dan Thompson

    Brevity is amusingly idiosyncratic and often uproariously funny. The single-panel comic takes bizarre and unexpected detours through pop culture and modern society, delighting in witty wordplay and situations so absurd you have to laugh.

  • Tiny_avatar Close to Homeby John McPherson

    Close to Home is a fun look at zany characters and situations that feel strangely familiar.

  • Tiny_avatar Corneredby Mike Baldwin

    How do you react when you're cornered? Talk your way out, prepare for battle or insist you're just fine and dandy? Mike Baldwin's "Cornered" characters reflect the full spectrum of these reactions - all the while doing their very best to be taken seriously. From dark to light to blindingly brilliant, the results delight, amuse or even confuse - but it's well worth the risk. No one's ever lost an eye reading "Cornered" (aside from one reader who got WAAAY too close - you know who you are). In the end it's discovering the inconvenient truth of being "Cornered" that sets you free.

  • Tiny_avatar The Flying McCoysby Glenn McCoy and Gary McCoy

    Award-winning humorists and cartoonists Gary and Glenn McCoy create a one-of-a-kind comic panel.

  • Tiny_avatar Graffitiby Gene Mora

    Graffiti is a witty play on words with a clever, often ironic message.

  • Tiny_avatar Half Fullby Maria Scrivan

    Half Full is a wonderful comic that delivers Maria Scrivan’s worldview with freshness and confidence. Its wry and irreverent perspective on everyday life will appeal to audiences of all ages—in all walks of life.

  • Tiny_avatar Hermanby Jim Unger

    One of the most innovative comics of all time, Herman is the groundbreaking offbeat humor panel created by Jim Unger.

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  • Tiny_avatar In the Bleachersby Ben Zaehringer

    Whatever your athletic interest, golf, baseball, running, or basketball and whether you haven’t picked up a ball since high school or you’re a serious sports fanatic, everyone can see the humor and irony highlighted by In the Bleachers. Ben Zaehringer helps us laugh at ourselves and those in the professional spotlight by drawing attention to the comedy of sports. Ben Zaehringer was born in Glendale, California. He graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with a degree in Film Studies. In 2009, he began the webcomic Berkeley Mews, a darkly comic send-up of pop culture nostalgia that has been featured in BuzzFeed, Savage Dragon and on the front page of Reddit. He began work on In the Bleachers in 2016, taking over for longtime creator Steve Moore in 2017. Ben has also written several gags for the Reuben Award-winning comic strip Rhymes with Orange. In 2015, he was the Artist-in-Residence at the Charles M. Schulz Museum and Research Center in Santa Rosa, California. In 2018, he illustrated the food-themed card game Hangry Thief. His first collection of Berkeley Mews comics, titled Sorry I Ruined Your Childhood, was released on October 2019. A second Berkeley Mews book, How Not to Get into Heaven, arrives in October 2021. He lives in San Francisco with his wife, Edith, and their two cats. In the Bleachers was originally created by Steve Moore, debuting on September 2, 1985. In addition to writing and drawing the comic for over 30 years, he also contributed to six book collections of In the Bleachers panels as well as an animated TV series based on the strip. Steve also was executive producer of the 2006 animated film Open Season, which was inspired in part by the numerous hunting-themed panels of In the Bleachers and spawned three sequels. He also wrote and produced the 2010 animated film Alpha and Omega, and served as a writer and producer on many of its six sequels. He reluctantly stepped away from In the Bleachers in 2017 due to Essential Tremor, a neurological disorder that causes shaking in the hands and other parts of the body. Steve currently resides in Idaho.

  • Tiny_avatar KidSpotby Dan Thompson

    Designed to challenge young readers, Kidspot provides a daily puzzle in a variety of formats, including crosswords, connect-the-dots, rebuses and compare-the-pictures.

  • Tiny_avatar Loose Partsby Dave Blazek

    Loose Parts is the two-time Reuben Award-winning comic featuring oddball people and animals embroiled in a variety of humorous (and ridiculous) situations. Intelligent, witty, and unrelentingly clever, Loose Parts presents an alternative perspective that is inherently funny.

  • Tiny_avatar Marmadukeby Brad Anderson

    Marmaduke is America's most lovable Great Dane. Created by Brad Anderson, the classic comic canine has delighted newspaper readers since 1954. Marmaduke lives with the Winslow family, who, try as they might, just can't seem to get him to obey.

  • Tiny_avatar Moderately Confusedby Jeff Stahler

    Moderately Confused is a laugh-out-loud daily humor panel from award-winning editorial cartoonist Jeff Stahler.

  • Nq_icon60 Non Sequitur Panelby Willey Miller

    Never boring, and always topical, Non Sequitur takes a wry look at the absurdities of our modern life.

  • Tiny_avatar Off the Markby Mark Parisi

    Mark Parisi's comic panel off the mark hits a bull's eye with slightly skewed humor and a twisted look at the little things we take for granted.

  • Tiny_avatar Real Life Adventuresby Gary Wise and Lance Aldrich

    Real Life Adventures is the kind of art that sort of imitates life. It is a celebration of the banal by two truly mundane fellows, Lance Aldrich and Gary Wise. It's about stomach noises in business meetings, bugs in your porch light and trying to extract a single hanger from the closet.

  • Tiny_avatar Reality Checkby Dave Whamond

    Cartoonist Dave Whamond offers an offbeat view of the world in Reality Check, a comic panel that exposes the hidden hilarity in everyday situations.

  • Tiny_avatar Ripley's Believe It or Notby Ripley’s Believe It or Not!

    Ripley's Believe It or Not!, one of the longest-running comic panels in history, continues to fascinate comics readers with unbelievable facts from around the world.

  • Tiny_avatar Ziggyby Tom Wilson & Tom II

    Ziggy, America's lovable loser, has been inspiring readers for decades. And he still brings smiles to millions of readers every day. También disponible en Español.