Hubert and Abby by Mel Henze

Type: Comic Strip
Frequency: Daily
Categories: Pets.

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Heads-up comics fans, the hamster's in the house. Or is Hubert a guinea pig? Even he's not sure. But the house belongs to Abby, the bemusedly good-natured nurse he lives with, amuses, and annoys. When Hubert's not browning marshmallows over the toaster, or hatching a harebrained scheme with his turtle sidekick Turtle, he helps out down at the hospital, cheering up Mr. Gronkin, the resident curmudgeon, or Josh, the adventurous young amputee. Hubert, Abby, Turtle - who knows how such an unlikely family comes together. All we can do is thank creator Mel Henze that they have. The cartoon universe is richer for it.

Hubert and Abby sample

Mel Henze

Mel Henze's single panel cartoons have appeared in magazines and newspapers through the United States and Canada. His strip Hubert and Abby debuted on the Comics Sherpa web site in October 2003, and was syndicated a year later. He lives in a small coastal community in British Columbia.

Meet the Cast of Hubert and Abby

Hubert He's a...he's some sort of small, furry mammal. He's got big plans and ill-conceived schemes.
Abby She's a nurse and a homeowner and the long-suffering owner of Hubert.
Turtle He's a gentle soul who loves poetry. He may know more than he lets on...

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