Haiku Ewe by Allison Garwood

Type: Comic Panel
Categories: Pets, Web Exclusive, Re Runs.

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A fab comic strip

Written deftly in haiku

Haiku Ewe wants love

Haiku Ewe sample

Allison Garwood

A puppet master

Directing with a stylus

From Los Angeles

Meet the Cast of Haiku Ewe

Haiku Ewe A plucky sheep who lives her life to the fullest and picks up friends on the way.
Lionel A baby sheep.
Scott A snake. He tried to embrace vegetarianism, but it didn't work.

Haiku Ewe comes from the brilliant mind of Big Al the Gal (creator of alt-comic favorite NEUROTICA). Every day there's a new adventure and a new haiku. Between the silly situations, the cute characters, and the charming verse, it's a quick pick-me-up for any gray day. Who knew that sheep had so much to say?

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