MythTickle by Justin Thompson

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Welcome to the MythTickle realm, where eclectically charming deities and legendary creatures try to get along, and hopefully bring some comfort to the world. There's good ol' Boody, the last dragon, the ultimate upbeat innocent - and Dudley, the surly, cynical knight who disdains him for being his best friend. There's Dziva, creatrix and goddess of life; Anansi, the trickster spider god; and of course Karma - quick to rage, quick to joy, and obsessed with balance. Displaced in time, they learn from Ms. Nature, patient teacher of this unruly horde. Thor, take your seat. Shiva, go stand outside. Anubis, don't throw the erasers, and everyone mind the bees. You never know who you'll meet in the MythTickle world...

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Justin Thompson

Justin worked at a Renaissance Faire for ten years and still maintains that they are cool. After that time, he started the MythTickle comic strip to continue living in a fantasy world. He says that although he is quite comfortable doing this, drawing in plate-armor is not.

Justin is a commercial artist and illustrator and co-hosts the popular Comics Coast To Coast online podcast with fellow cartoonists Tom Racine and Brian Dunaway, featuring interviews with syndicated cartoonists and up-and-coming talent in the comic strip world. His strip MythTickle was launched on Comics Sherpa in 2004, and was syndicated by GoComics in the fall of 2007.

Justin began his cartooning career in High School when he did illustrations for his hometown paper, the Arizona Republic in Phoenix. The stage eventually took the number one spot in his life and he earned a BFA at Arizona State University in acting. He then went to Rutgers University in New Jersey on a scholarship and earned his MFA, also in acting. While in New York, Justin appeared in numerous Shakespeare productions both off and off-off broadway, soap operas, and eventually became a stuntman and fight choreographer in order to pay the bills. He was Batman at the Six Flags Great Adventure stunt show in New Jersey, and cycled, sword-fought, and jousted his way through ten heroic years at the aforementioned New York Renaissance festival in Tuxedo, NY. He proposed to his wife in his armor while atop his trusty horse in front of several thousand people. They currently live happily ever after in the San Francisco bay area with their two magical children. THE END.

Meet the Cast of MythTickle

Boody The last dragon.
Dudley The surly knight.
Dziva Goddess of life.
Anansi Trickster spider god.
Karma Quick to rage, quick to joy, obsessed with balance.

MythTickle has slick art and solid writing, with a fascinating cast of characters that are anything but ordinary. The combination of ongoing story arcs and one-shot gags makes for fun reading that brings you back again and again to see what these crazy (mythological) kids are up to now.

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