Steven V. Roberts

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Steven V. Roberts' weekly commentary column offers a no-nonsense analysis of national and international issues. This pre-eminent journalist discusses issues from his perspective as a reporter and a Washington insider.


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Steven V. Roberts

Steven V. Roberts has been a journalist for almost 50 years and has covered 12 presidential elections. His 25-year career with The New York Times included assignments as bureau chief in Los Angeles and Athens, and as White House correspondent. He is a political analyst for ABC Radio and a substitute host for NPR’s "The Diane Rehm Show." Since 1997, Mr. Roberts has been the Shapiro Professor of Media and Public Affairs at George Washington University. His books include "My Fathers’ Houses" (William Morrow, 2005) and "From Every End of This Earth" (HarperCollins, 2009).

Together, the couple has written the best-seller "From This Day Forward" (William Morrow, 2000) and "Our Haggadah" (HarperCollins, 2011). Married for 46 years, they have two children and six grandchildren.

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  • published: Wednesday, May 08, 2024

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