Text features - Humor

  • Tiny_avatar Dear Abbyby Abigail Van Buren

    With a worldwide readership of more than 110 million, Dear Abby has a devoted following who wouldn't dream of starting each day without her.

  • Tiny_avatar Figuratively Speakingby John MacIntyre

    Figuratively Speaking is a statistics column intended to educate and amuse readers with its take on prevailing conventional wisdom.

  • Tiny_avatar News of the Weirdby Chuck Shepherd

    A weekly distillation of the best bizarre dispatches gathered from around the world.

  • Weird_pro News of the Weird Proby Chuck Shepherd

    This newest edition of News of the Weird is specially enhanced for online use, with more stories and links to original sources

  • Tiny_avatar The Village Idiotby Jim Mullen

    Jim Mullen takes a wry, witty look at the curiosities of American life in his weekly column. Almost everything is fair game -- from the price of a cup of coffee, to shopping at big-box stores, to the perplexing lifestyles of the rich and famous..