International Comics Panels

  • Tiny_avatar Close to Homeby John McPherson

    Close to Home is a fun look at zany characters and situations that feel strangely familiar.

  • Tiny_avatar Corneredby Mike Baldwin

    How do you react when you're cornered? Talk your way out, prepare for battle or insist you're just fine and dandy? Mike Baldwin's "Cornered" characters reflect the full spectrum of these reactions - all the while doing their very best to be taken seriously. From dark to light to blindingly brilliant, the results delight, amuse or even confuse - but it's well worth the risk. No one's ever lost an eye reading "Cornered" (aside from one reader who got WAAAY too close - you know who you are). In the end it's discovering the inconvenient truth of being "Cornered" that sets you free.

  • Tiny_avatar The Flying McCoysby Glenn McCoy and Gary McCoy

    Award-winning humorists and cartoonists Gary and Glenn McCoy create a one-of-a-kind comic panel.

  • Tiny_avatar In the Bleachersby Ben Zaehringer

    Whatever your athletic interest, golf, baseball, running, or basketball and whether you haven’t picked up a ball since high school or you’re a serious sports fanatic, everyone can see the humor and irony highlighted by In the Bleachers. Ben Zaehringer helps us laugh at ourselves and those in the professional spotlight by drawing attention to the comedy of sports.

  • Tiny_avatar Ripley’s ¡Aunque Usted no lo Crea!by John Graziano

    Ripley’s ¡Aunque usted no lo Crea!, uno de los paneles de mayor duración en la historia y continúa fascinando a los lectores con hechos increíbles de todo el mundo.

  • Tiny_avatar Tutelandiaby Tute

    Tute se encuentra entre los mejores humoristas del mundo. Joven y con un lápiz súper sagaz, Tute se distingue con un estilo propio y un sin fin de personajes llamativos. Él nos provee un panel diario, que le garantizamos, arrancará carcajadas a sus lectores.

    Available only in Spanish.

  • Tiny_avatar Ziggyby Tom Wilson & Tom II

    Ziggy, America's lovable loser, has been inspiring readers for decades. And he still brings smiles to millions of readers every day. También disponible en Español.