The Fusco Brothers by J.C. Duffy

Type: Comic Strip
Frequency: Daily
Categories: Men.

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J.C. Duffy's hilariously unique comic strip, The Fusco Brothers, features the four Fusco bachelors -- Lance, Rolf, Lars and Al -- along with Lance's girlfriend, Gloria, and Axel, the Fuscos' faithful wolverine. These wacky characters startle, shock and delight readers with their off-the-wall antics and verbal acrobatics.

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J.C. Duffy

The funniest thing to come out of New Jersey since Frank Sinatra, J.C. Duffy's The Fusco Brothers have earned a loyal fan following in newspapers across America. The strip has been nationally syndicated since 1989.

In addition to creating The Fusco Brothers, Duffy produces cartoons that appear regularly in The New Yorker and other publications.

Meet the Cast of The Fusco Brothers

Rolf The lothario of the group, Rölf actually does comparatively well with women. But since we’re only comparing him to Lars and Al, that’s no big claim to fame. His attitude with women is “love ’em and leave ’em,” though, he frequently doesn’t get past “find ’em and convince ’em.”
Lars Lars is the thinking man’s Fusco Brother. However, that isn’t saying much. He searches for philosophical answers to things that no one knew were philosophical questions, such as, “How come a deep thinker like me is alone on a Saturday night?” Lars is a lawyer by trade, but his brothers don’t hold that against him.
Lance Lance is cynical by nature and sarcastic by choice. He enjoys verbal jousts with wolverines, and fortunately for him, one happens to live in his house. The only brother with a steady girlfriend, Gloria, he has traded in his dating problems for relationship problems.
Al Al is, let’s face it, the dim bulb of the bunch. He is assigned all of the Dumb Guy gags and is too dense to realize it or complain. His psychiatrist, Dr. Kapuchnik, helps keep a lid on his sub-genius inner-demons. He considers himself an artiste and wears a beret to prove it.
Axel the Wolverine A wolverine who is frequently mistaken for a dog, 16-year-old Axel has all the problems of a typical American teenager, plus
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