DeFlocked by Jeff Corriveau

Type: Comic Strip
Frequency: Daily
Categories: Sheep, Dog, Farm.

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Jeff Corriveau

Meet the Cast of DeFlocked

Cobb Cobb, the older of the two dog brothers, is wise and true. Honesty and hard work are his compass. He desperately tries to keep the household together, while shielding the world from Mamet’s antics. A losing battle, at best.
Mamet Mamet is the lovably delusional sheep of Lubberland Farms. He arms himself with a lethal combination of ignorance and arrogance and believes in speaking before you think. His laughable schemes for becoming rich and famous are only matched by his unlucky attempts at love.
Rupert Rupert, the younger of the two dog brothers, is optimistic and loyal. His simple worldview clashes with his housemates’, and he often becomes an unwitting accomplice to both Mamet’s and Tucker’s schemes.
Tucker Tucker, the human boy being raised by Cobb and Rupert, is a social misfit who seeks out his own path. Genuinely smart but easily distracted, he has yet to meet a rule that couldn’t be demolished.
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