Nancy by Olivia Jaimes

Type: Comic Strip
Frequency: Daily
Categories: Family, Women, Nancy, Children, Kids, Pets, Classic.

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Nancy and her family and friends have become beloved worldwide icons since their first appearance in Ernie Bushmiller’s Fritzi Ritz comic strip in 1933. By 1938, Fritzi's adopted niece was so popular the comic was renamed Nancy. Since then, there have been daily smiles and laughs, comic books, animated cartoons and 80 years of affection for this little whirlwind in a plaid skirt!

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Olivia Jaimes

Meet the Cast of Nancy

Nancy Nancy is a tomboy, an angel, and a brat. She is optimistic, moody, loud and loyal. She loves her Aunt Fritzi, her friends, her rescued dog and cat, her goldfish and her teddy bear. Nancy also loves ice cream, the fair, snow days, music and days with no homework! She is in 3rd grade at Three Rocks Elementary School.
Aunt Fritzi Aunt Fritzi is Nancy's adopted caretaker and a full-time heartthrob. An entertainment writer for magazines, newspapers, websites and blogs, Fritzi is a dedicated single parent who makes her 8-year-old adopted niece the center of her life. When she does get a break in her busy schedule, Fritzi enjoys spending time with her boyfriend, Phil Fumble.
Sluggo Sluggo Smith. is an orphan as is Nancy. Perhaps that is their natural bond. He is lazy, but dreams that impossible dreams are possible. But not if he has to actually work "too hard" to achieve them! He loves to nap, play the guitar, nap, fish, nap, sing, nap, meditate, well, nap.
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