Lio by Mark Tatulli

Type: Comic Strip
Frequency: Daily
Categories: Family, Pets.

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The world of Lio is filled with the extraordinary - monsters under the bed, wild reptile pets, robot inventions, weird science - but it's all commonplace for this most uncommon first-grader. Mark Tatulli renders this pantomime strip in pen-and-ink style, giving the artwork a dark, spidery feel to match the strip's dark humor. Lio explores the twisted realm of a kid's imagination - at once bizarre, creepy and fun.

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Mark Tatulli

In 1988, Mark Tatulli drew his first published newspaper comic strip, for the Burlington County Times in New Jersey. His next strip, Bent Halos, a comic about a couple of rambunctious angels, was nationally syndicated. Mark eventually put the strip into hiatus to pursue other strip concepts with broader appeal, and to this day he still receives fan mail from Bent Halos readers.

In July 1997, Heart of the City first found her way onto Mark's drawing board, and she hasn't left since. Heart quickly caught the eyes of senior editors at Andrews McMeel Syndication. The strip debuted in newspapers in November 1998 and has garnered rave reviews from fans the world over.

In addition to his cartooning experience, Tatulli is also an accomplished filmmaker and animator, and is the recipient of three Emmy awards for his television work. His experience includes graphics and animation for such shows as "A Wedding Story," "Trading Spaces: Boys vs. Girls," "Epicurious," and children's DVDs.

Mark currently resides in New Jersey with his wife, son and two daughters. His children are the true joy of his life and the inspiration for much of his comic artwork.

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Meet the Cast of Lio

Lio Lio's a strange boy who loves monsters and ghouls and spiders - all things creepy-crawly. He's a bit of an inventor, and his adventures are definitely out of the ordinary.
Lio's Father He's a patient man who loves his strange child.

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Lio is one of the most unique strips out there. The distinctive illustrations and the macabre subject matter perfectly match the dark, mischievous humor that Mark Tatulli does so well. Discover what fans already know - Lio's a sly, dark look into a weird world that borders our own, and even if you haven't had a pet squid, you'll be able to relate to the relationship between a strange child and the father who loves him.

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