Thatababy by Paul Trap

Type: Comic Strip
Frequency: Daily
Categories: Family, Men, Women, For Kids.

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Thatababy's philosophy can be summed up quite neatly: To keep his parents on their toes.

This new comic strip stars—well, a baby, of course, and the mother and father in charge of raising him. Thatababy's premise is as fun and instantly accessible as its crisp, colorful art: It's a baby's job to drive his parents crazy.

You may recognize Thatababy as a finalist and runner-up in the Amazon Comic Strip Superstar contest that ran on in the fall of 2009. Thatababy received glowing reviews from the contest's celebrity panel of judges.

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Paul Trap

Paul Trap is a freelance writer and illustrator working out of his home office in his underwear with the radio up loud. He lives in Massachusetts with his wife raising a "Thatababy" of their own.

Paul serves as the editorial cartoonist for Baseball America magazine. His illustrated commentary on America's favorite pastime appears in print and on

Paul is also a contributor to USA Today and McClatchy News Service, illustrating weekly features for kids and adults that appear in newspapers worldwide. Other freelance clients include Kellogg's, 3M, AOL, National Geographic and Fidelity Investments.

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Meet the Cast of Thatababy

Thatababy Ruler of his known universe Instigator & Insomniac
Dad Treading water in the deep end of parenthood
Mom Baby's Champion and Cheerleader
Cat In hiding since Baby's arrival
The Girl Day Care Cohort

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Is there anything more dangerous in this world than a baby? With his dimply posterior, satiny pate, and propensity for drool, he lures you in. That is, until you realize this cooing, baby powder-scented cherub can turn into a mini, red-faced Mao at the whim, or whiff, of a diaper change, leaving you in a zombie-like state of perpetual exhaustion known only to your fellow child-wranglers.

In your punch-drunk parental haze, you may be thinking, "Is there anyone in this world who can possibly understand this madness - preferably in the shrunken-down simplicity that only a comic strip can offer?" Well, the answer is a resounding YES.

Ladies and gentlemen, we give you Thatababy, a delightful new strip that centers on an adorable antagonist who doesn't need his bleary-eyed parents to remind him how cute, or domineering, he is. Thatababy's philosophy can be summed up quite neatly: To keep his parents on guard - er, on their toes.

Like a Sippy cup hurled against a flat screen, Thatababy will leave his mark - not just on his parent's sanity, but on every reader who identifies with the joyful chaos that is rearing children.

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