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Andrews McMeel Syndication is the leading creator, packager and distributor of comics, puzzles, games and written features on the Web. Every day, we deliver more than 100,000 pieces of content to millions of consumers, through clients with the biggest names like Google, Yahoo! and USA Today.

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Hosted Web Solutions

Home to turnkey content solutions to easily place our content on your website. Our technical solutions and infrastructure are designed to work with any type of site. We work with your advertising networks and our own to monetize everything. Examples below:

Custom Web Solutions

There are multiple products and services that can be customized to help you reach your website goals. Choose between multiple revenue models including paid-for content and advertising-supported content are available. Examples of custom solutions include:

Content Delivery Services & Revenue

Cutting-edge technology services ensure timely and perfect delivery of any feature to your website. Need help with monetization? Easily plug in our advertising network to any feature, game or comic. Or create direct sales and easily plug ads into the content. There are even affiliate programs to add incremental revenue to your site. Examples include: