Questions and Help

Please first check the FAQ for information. For specific questions not covered, please send an email to
or call 1 (800) 255-6734

General FAQ

Question: How do I purchase a UPS feature for my newspaper?

Answer: Contact a Sales Representative and indicate which features you are interested in learning more about.

Question: How can my paper obtain features electronically?

Answer: Comics, editorial cartoons, columns and other features can be downloaded from our bulletin board or FTP site.

Question: I'm a cartoonist or writer and I'd like Andrews McMeel Syndication to syndicate my work.
What steps should I take?

Answer: Start by reading the submission guidelines.

Question: How can I buy the rights to print a comic in a textbook?

Answer: Follow the steps on the Rights and Permissions section of the site.

Question: How do I get the rights to reproduce a comic character on physical product.

Answer: Contact the licensing department.

Question: What's the difference between Rights and Permissions and Licensing?

Answer: Reprint permissions apply when you want to reproduce a comic image in a print publication, such as a textbook or a brochure. If you want to reproduce an image on a product such as a calendar, coffee mug, or t-shirt, this is a Licensing issue.

Question: How do I purchase a reprint of a comic that is suitable for framing?

Answer: Sales of this nature are handled on our consumer site gocomics. Simply find the comic you would like and look in the right column for the framed image or product advertisement.

Question: I want to read comics on the web, or receive them in my email everyday.
How do I do that?

Answer: Visit our consumer site, gocomics.

Question: I want to use a reprint, a cartoon, a column, or use it on my website. How do I get permission?

A: Visit our Rights and Permissions page or contact us directly at: Permissions Director, Andrews McMeel Syndication, 1130 Walnut Street Kansas City, MO 64106-2109 1-800-255-6734 or e-mail your requests to:

Question: I want to reprint a For Better or For Worse or Peanuts cartoons.
Who do I contact?

Answer: Contact United Features/Media Syndicate: Permissions Dept. 200 Madison Ave. New York, NY 10016 phone: 800-221-4816 fax: 212-293-8720. Andrews McMeel Syndication does not handle reprint rights for these features.

Question: How do I talk to a live person to talk to about my request?

Answer: Call 1-800-255-6734 and ask for the Permissions Dept.

Question: Do you charge for reprint permission for educational use?

Answer: In some circumstances, there is a fee for educational use. Please read the statement about permissions for classroom use.

Question: I went to the copy center to make a larger copy of my favorite cartoon to hang on the wall. They wouldn't copy it unless I had your permission. How do I get permission to do that?

Answer: We sell what's called "suitable for framing" quality reproductions of your favorite cartoons. You can find that special cartoon on our website, goComics.

Below each comic there is a "buy this print" button. Click on it and it will take you to our ordering page. If the Andrews McMeel Syndication cartoon you want is not on that site, call us at 800-255-6734, Permission Department. We'll be glad to help you.

Question: I want to make one copy of a cartoon to send to my friend, etc.
Do I need permission to do that?

Answer: No. If it is left the same size as the cartoon originally appeared in a book or newspaper, is not altered, not enlarged, and is for personal use, is not sold or distributed outside of a personal context, you do not have to get permission.

Question: I want to submit or send something to Bill Watterson, the creator of Calvin and Hobbes.
How do I contact him?

Answer: All correspondence for Bill Watterson is handled by our office. Mr. Watterson does not make his contact information public.