Comics - Web Exclusive

  • Tiny_avatar Basic Instructionsby Scott Meyer

    Basic Instructions is a comic for all those times when you aren't sure what to do. Need a laugh? Need a guide? Need both? This is the comic for you.

  • Tiny_avatar Birdbrainsby Thom Bluemel

    Humor is for the birds in this fine, feathered comic from Thom Bluemel.

  • Tiny_avatar Bleeker: The Rechargeable Dogby Jonathan Mahood

    Bleeker: The Rechargeable Dog is a charming, high-tech take on the classic story of a boy and his dog.

  • Tiny_avatar Bob the Squirrelby Frank Page

    Bob the Squirrel combines a cranky squirrel, an obsessive compulsive cartoonist, and the woman who loves the cartoonist and tolerates the squirrel. Clearly, hijinks ensue.

  • Tiny_avatar Boomerangsby Jack Pullan

    Boomerangs is the story of a multi-generational family adjusting to life under one roof.

  • Tiny_avatar C'est la Vieby Jennifer Babcock

    C'est la Vie is the story of a witty, surly Frenchwoman and the friends who tolerate her.

  • Tiny_avatar Compu-toonby Charles Boyce

    High tech and low tech meet and do battle on the stage of Charles Boyce's Compu-toon.

  • Tiny_avatar The Dooziesby Tom Gammill

    The Doozies are a wacky look at a wacky family. Frustration has never looked so funny.

  • Tiny_avatar Eek!by Scott Nickel

    Eek! is a twisted take on monster, myths, paranormal activities and characters from different worlds. Literally.

  • Tiny_avatar Imagine Thisby Lucas Turnbloom

    Darin's a man with few friends and a beloved collection of stuffed animals. Clovis is his teddy bear. Clovis has anger issues.

  • Tiny_avatar Last Kissby John Lustig

    Gorgeous vintage comics plus saucy, over-the-top dialog? That's John Lustig's Last Kiss at a glance!

  • Tiny_avatar MythTickleby Justin Thompson

    MythTickle is a magical adventure with dragons, deities and humor.

  • Tiny_avatar New Adventures of Queen Victoriaby Pab Sungenis

    The New Adventures of Queen Victoria are a strange and hilarious look at the secret (fictional) life of HRH Queen Victoria.

  • Tiny_avatar Pibgornby Brooke McEldowney

    Pibgorn is a magical tale of fairies, love, and high adventure.

  • Tiny_avatar Rabbits Against Magicby Jonathan Lemon

    Rabbits Against Magic is a tale of two rabbits with hopes, dreams and phobias all their own.

  • Tiny_avatar Red Meatby Max Cannon

    Red Meat is not for the faint of heart. The humor is wicked, the characters are strange, and the laughs are plentiful.

  • Tiny_avatar Skin Horseby Shaenon K. Garrity and Jeffrey C. Wells

    Skin Horse is the tale of a top-secret government agency staffed by very special, very maladjusted operatives. This is their story.

  • Tiny_avatar Tiny Sepukuby Ken Cursoe

    Tiny Sepuku is a cute, hapless look at the least helpful romance columnist ever.