Sherman's Lagoon by Jim Toomey

Type: Comic Strip
Frequency: Daily
Categories: Family.

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Sherman’s Lagoon is a breath of fresh water. —The Washington Post

Sherman's Lagoon combines Mother Nature with human nature in ways that enlighten and entertain. Toomey's strip sets an important, upbeat tone for my undergraduate course in marine biology. — Bob Woolacott, Professor of Marine Biology at Harvard University.

Sherman’s Lagoon is an imaginary lagoon somewhere in tropics, inhabited by a cast of sea creatures whose lives are curiously similar to our own. Through his comic strip, Toomey explores many of the issues that we face daily in our world on dry land. And by putting them in a different context, he helps us laugh at ourselves. His characters attempt new business ventures, go on disastrous dates, try fad diets, and read the latest books recommended by Oprah. But, they also have problems that are unique to fish. Should you bring shrimp to the holiday party? Will shrimp be there?

Sherman, the main character, is a great white shark who is completely unaware of how intimidating his species can be. He gets pushed around by the other characters, Hawthorne the hermit crab, Fillmore the sea turtle, and his wife, Megan, who is another great white shark, of course.

There is also an educational aspect to the strip that gives it a unique place in the comics. Toomey explores environmental themes in a light, apolitical way. And he takes his characters on road trips, where they explore different parts of the ocean and meet the native animals along the way.

Sherman’s Lagoon appeals to adults and children alike. Children, pre-teen and teen, enjoy its underwater theme and the sometimes rough-and-tumble world of life in the ocean. Adults enjoy the social commentary that is a common thread in the strip.

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Jim Toomey

For the past 30 years, Jim Toomey has been writing and drawing the popular comic strip Sherman’s Lagoon, which appears in over 150 daily newspapers, in 20 countries and six languages. Jim has just completed his 27th book, published by Andrews McMeel Publishing. The strip’s underwater theme explores environmental issues in a way that appeals to adults and children alike.

Jim has given talks at a variety of venues, from his April 2010 TED Talk, to the Royal Society in London, to Harvard University to his children’s kindergarten class. Jim has been featured in many of his client newspapers, as well as Wired Magazine, and National Public Radio. Jim holds degrees from Duke and Stanford, and sits on the board of several environmental non-profits. He lives in Annapolis, Maryland with his wife and two children.

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Meet the Cast of Sherman's Lagoon

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