Fred Basset en Español by Alex Graham

Type: Comic Strip
Frequency: Daily
Categories: Pets, Espanol.

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Fred, un perro adorable, es uno de los típicos personajes del Reino Unido: elegante, respetuoso y siempre mostrando los manierismos de un perro muy culto. Este perrito de la raza Basset Hound le dará un toque clásico a sus páginas de entretenimiento.

Also available in English.

Fred Basset en Español sample

Alex Graham

When the late Alex Graham introduced Fred Basset to the comic pages of The Daily Mail in London, he probably had no idea how popular this lovable basset hound would become. For more than three decades now, Fred Basset has been tickling funny bones and winning the admiration of readers not only in the United Kingdom, but in North and South America, Australia and New Zealand.

The humor of Fred Basset transcends every culture and age group. Fred never speaks, he just thinks out loud (and in doing so he speaks his mind!). He has hilarious adventures with his long-suffering, middle-aged owners, and gets into all kinds of trouble with his canine chums Fifi (the poodle) and Jock (the Scotty dog).

Fred Basset has amused readers for generations, and is still being produced under the watchful eyes of Alex Graham's family. The Fred Basset that Alex introduced to the world is still hale, healthy, hearty and, most importantly, heart-warming to daily newspaper readers.

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