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World-renowned bridge champion Bobby Wolff writes The Aces On Bridge, an insightful column designed to help readers improve their bridge game. The Aces On Bridge was started by Ira Corn, founder of The Aces, the first professional bridge team. Wolff, one of the original Aces, took over the column in 1982. In it he reveals the secrets of a championship bridge player to both tournament and at-home players.


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Bobby Wolff

Bobby Wolff is a ten-time World Champion, most recently at the Marlboro World Team Bermuda Bowl in Beijing, China in 1995. He is former president and chairman of the board of the American Contract Bridge League, and was the 1992-1994 president of the World Bridge Federation (WBF), only the third American to hold this office. Wolff is currently chairman of the WBF Appeals Committee, which helps settle disputes in tournaments.

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