Uncle Art's Funland by Art Nugent

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Uncle Art's Funland provides hours of entertainment and education for kids of all ages. Jokes, word games, math challenges, connect the dots, optical illusions and crosswords are just some of the puzzles found in the Sunday feature.

Nugent attributes much of the success of Uncle Art's Funland to its being one of the few newspaper features created exclusively for children. "Some cartoons aren't really meant for children," Nugent says. "The language is too complicated and the jokes are too hard for them to understand." With Uncle Art's Funland, however, toddlers enjoy coloring the pictures, while older children work the puzzles.

Uncle Art's Funland has been delighting readers for more than 80 years.

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Art Nugent

Born in 1891, Art Nugent was an acrobat and Olympic-level gymnast before joining the Navy during WWI, where he blossomed as an artist. After the war, Nugent worked for eight years as the New York World's puzzle cartoonist. He created Uncle Art's Funland in 1933 and produced the strip until 1974, when he handed the reins to his assistant and son, Art Nugent Jr.

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  • Uncle Art's Funland

    published: Sunday, March 31, 2024

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