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Over the past two decades, the Drabble family has tickled readers' funny bones with outrageous antics. Kevin Fagan's lighthearted family strip chronicles the zany mishaps of his offbeat characters, especially goofball college student Norman Drabble and his donut-eating father Ralph.

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Kevin Fagan

Kevin Fagan has delighted readers of his semi-autobiographical comic strip Drabble for over three decades. Fagan's hilarious work chronicles the antics of the Drabble family, which vaguely resembles his own family. "I take very seriously my job, which is to make people laugh" said Fagan. "It's a great feeling to know that my characters can lift people's spirits, give them a smile, and be part of their lives. That's what I intend to do every day."

Drabble made its debut in 1979, making Fagan one of the youngest syndicated cartoonists ever at age 22. It was based largely on his college days at California State University, Sacramento. "When Drabble began, I related mostly to Norman, the nerdy college student" says Fagan. "As time went on, I began to identify more with Ralph, his nerdy dad!" Fagan has created a new installment of Drabble virtually every day since then. There have been nine Drabble books published, including the most recent, "A Drabble Family Christmas Tale," which is also the first Drabble novel. This southern California native hopes to continue to write and draw for many years to come.

Meet the Cast of Drabble

Ralph Before there was Homer Simpson, there was Ralph Drabble, a kind-hearted, donut-scarfing doofus dad and the only known character in the funny pages to smoke a bubble pipe. The family patriarch, Ralph worked initially as a prowrestler, and later as the (original) mall cop. In 2011, Ralph began working as a security screener at Polecat International Airport. He is famous for dispensing folksy "fatherly advice," and is also known for his trademark glare, which strikes fear in just about anyone who looks him in the eye.
June Referred to by Ralph as "Honeybunch," June is the mother of the family and the most responsible one — as long as she keeps her spending habits in check. She also likes to sing along with her iPod, which Ralph often mistakes for the cat yowling or the smoke alarm going off. She also has the habit of finishing Ralph's sentences, which greatly annoys him.
Norman The sweet but naive and dim-witted 19-year-old college student. He's the oldest son in the family. In the fall of 2010, however, he moved into a dorm at college, and later was revealed to be one of the school's legendary "blue guys" (who mysteriously dress up in blue suits and cheer their school to victory). Norman takes on some of his dad's hapless qualities, but is every bit as likable. Although he mostly chases after his classmate Wendy, he occasionally goes out with "Echo" — a female counterpart who is like him in almost every way.
Patrick The genius younger brother of Norman.
Penny The youngest child of the family.
Wendy Norman's college classmate. Norman has been trying to score a date with her since the beginning of the comic strip. She was also temporarily married to Norman in Las Vegas, but that marriage was annulled because they were married by someone who was not an Elvis impersonator. A running joke is that she often says "Norman, run!", which makes him flee and allows her to avoid a boring conversation.
Wally The Drabbles' excitable, hyperactive dachshund. The "skattle" sounds of his running across the kitchen floor have been known to crowd many a comic panel.
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