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  • Tiny_avatar 7 Little Wordsby Christopher York

    7 Little Words is the 2011 creation of Christopher York. Its unique format distills the best elements of crosswords, word finds and anagrams into bite-sized puzzles.

  • Tiny_avatar Blockbusterby iWin

    Bust the Blocks in this fast paced block clearing game! Click on 3 or more blocks to clear them and win.

  • Tiny_avatar Bubble Charmsby iWin

    Shoot Bubbles and match them to make Charms! Keep clearing the Bubbles and see how far you can progress.

  • Tiny_avatar Epic Ice Creamby iWin

    Catch ice cream scoops and build the most epic ice cream in the universe!

  • Tiny_avatar Gemollectionby iWin

    Collect the gems into the chests of the same color by cutting chains and using punch boxes. Collect coins for the extra points. Tap on chain to cut it and figure out how to get the gems into the treasure chests of the matching colors. And finally get rich!

  • Tiny_avatar Gentleman Rescueby iWin

    Help rescue the Gentleman Blocks! Clear the board and only leave the greenblocks.

  • Tiny_avatar Jelly Collapseby iWin

    Click on 2 or more Jellies to collapse the Jellies and clear the board! Use the Bonus Jellies wisely to get the maximum score!

  • Tiny_avatar Jewel Bubbles 3by iWin

    Shiny colorful bubbles awaiting your matching touch! Lots of challenging levels with different goals to beat.

  • Tiny_avatar KenKenby

    Available for print / Web / HTML5

    KENKEN® is available in a variety of sizes and challenge levels. Andrews McMeel Syndication is offering puzzles that consist of either a 4x4 (easy) or 6x6 (challenging) grid of boxes divided into “cages” marked by bold outlines. As in sudoku, all numbers (1 through 4 in an easy puzzle or 1 through 6 in a challenging one) must be used without repetition in each row and column. The difference is that all numbers in each cage must combine, using the denoted math operation, to produce the target number in the top-left corner.

  • Tiny_avatar Monster Snakeby iWin

    Help the Monster Snake eat the objects to escape the level! But be careful, you do not want to eat your own tail.

  • Tiny_avatar NEA Bridgeby Phillip Alder

    Six days a week, champion bridge player Phillip Alder offers simple tricks and complex strategies to sharpen skills.

  • Tiny_avatar Ninja Pigby iWin

    Save the world from aliens by fighting your way through 10 levels of this Side Scrolling Endless Runner Ninja Pig!

  • Tiny_avatar Piece of Pieby iWin

    Keep matching to clear the pieces. How high can you score in the fun filled slide & match game?

  • Tiny_avatar Pretty Puzzle Princessby iWin

    Can you find all the words? Test yourself in this challenging word search game. With 9 different themes this game provides endless fun!

  • Prizeweekpuzzle-icon Prizeweek Puzzleby Barbara Whiting

    A popular newspaper feature for more than 40 years, Prizeweek Puzzle is a weekly competition puzzle that combines the challenge of a crossword with the excitement of a cash jackpot.

  • Tiny_avatar Save Butterfliesby iWin

    Fun bubble shooter game. Save butterflies trapped into bubbles. The more butterflies you save - the more score you get.

  • Tiny_avatar Sir Coins A Lotby iWin

    Grab the Loot! Avoid the Ghosts! And have a Knightly time in this Medieval take on an Arcade Classic.

  • Tiny_avatar Sushi Slicersby iWin

    Slice the Sushi, but avoid the Bombs and Score big in this fast paced game.

  • Tiny_avatar Timber Guyby iWin

    Show off your woodcutting skills by cutting as much wood as you can. You have to be quick and avoid approaching branches!

  • Tiny_avatar Two Carsby iWin

    Try out your multitasking skills with this simple game! Avoid all the squares on the road and collect every single circle. So start both of your cars and prepare for a long drive!

  • Tiny_avatar Universal Sudokuby Andrews McMeel Syndication

    Universal Sudoku (9) is the most popular and widely played Sudoku puzzle in the world. Daily delivery keeps players coming back.

  • Tiny_avatar Universal Sunday Crosswordby David Steinberg

    Put your cruciverbalist skills to the test with Universal Sunday Crossword! The clever themes and extra-large 21-by-21 grids of this classic puzzle are a hit with fans everywhere!

  • Tiny_avatar Unolingoby Equazi

    Comparable to a Sudoku puzzle, substituting letters for numbers, each Unolingo puzzle is a 10x10 crossword without clues.

  • Tiny_avatar Were Box 2by iWin

    Were Box 2 - Solve puzzles by transforming shapes, removing platforms, and taking advantage of explosives. Remove the red shapes but keep all other shapes on the screen.

  • Wordgame-icon Word Gameby Kathleen Saxe

    Each puzzle gives the reader the word of the day and the number of words to be found for that day. The real challenge comes as puzzle-doers attempt to discover more words than the clues suggest.

  • Tiny_avatar Zippy Boxesby iWin

    What's inside the box? Help Piggy the key-keeper free his friends locked inside! Touch and guide the colored boxes to their matching keys. Solving each puzzle makes Piggy happy! If you are stuck on a level, you can always go back a step. Boxes can move other boxes. Arrows on the game field change the direction of a box.