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Byron York, chief political correspondent for The Washington Examiner, provides conservative commentary once a week for Newspaper Enterprise Association. Previously the White House correspondent for National Review, and a frequent guest on political talk shows, York is a columnist respected for his reporting skills, fine writing, and analytical approach.

"My column is a reporting-based column, coming from Washington, with the latest from capital insiders but also with a sense of life outside the Beltway bubble," says York, who is originally from Alabama. "To me, reporting is the key; I've never assumed people were interested simply in finding out what I think. When they read my column, they want to find something out, something they aren't able to read anywhere else."


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Byron York

Byron York is the son of Tom York, a longtime television personality from Birmingham, Alabama. York holds a bachelor's degree from the University of Alabama and a master's degree from the University of Chicago. York's work has been published in The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, Atlantic Monthly, New Republic, and Weekly Standard. A contributor to Fox News, he has appeared on that network's "Fox News Sunday," and "Special Report," as well as "Meet the Press," "This Week," "The News Hour with Jim Lehrer," "The Daily Show," and other television programs. He has also contributed occasional commentaries to National Public Radio and is the author of "The Vast Left Wing Conspiracy: The Untold Story of How Democratic Operatives, Eccentric Billionaires, Liberal Activists, and Assorted Celebrities Tried to Bring Down a President and Why They'll Try Even Harder Next Time."

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  • published: Tuesday, July 02, 2024

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