Our popular games can now be played and monetized on desktop and tablet!

Mobile, Mobile, Mobile

Call it a hunch, but we think mobile technology is becoming more popular these days. HTML5 Puzzles & Games are the most mobile-ready tool for developing mobile sites and apps.

Game Interaction

HTML5 Puzzles & Games provide a great, mobile-friendly way to play fun, interactive games.

Increased Revenue

HTML5 Puzzles & Games present huge benefits for advertisers and marketers. They enhance online advertising by making ads rich and scalable.


Now, your users can play their favorite games online and on their mobile device’s Web browser.


Both legacy and popular browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE9) all support HTML5 Puzzles & Games.

Andrews McMeel Syndication games now available in print, web and mobile!

Easy Implementation

  1. Our technical team will assist in having games live on your app within 5 business days or less.
  2. Full customization, branding and advertising control is available for all your games.
  3. Delivered via Javascript, the games will be dynamically updated, integrating easily and seamlessly into your app.

Other competitor mobile games work only in Apple operating systems, require expensive custom development work and an in-house expert on mobile games. Our HTML5 games provide value to your customers without sacrificing time, money or the branded
look and feel of your website.

Currently offered in HTML5:

PlayFour!, Sudoku Daily, Universal Crossword, Up & Down Words, Word Roundup

See for yourself!

Tiny_avatar Crucigramas Tiny_avatar KenKen Tiny_avatar Lexigo Tiny_avatar PlayFour! Tiny_avatar Rootonym® Tiny_avatar Spot The Difference Daily Tiny_avatar Sudoku Daily Tiny_avatar Universal Crossword Tiny_avatar Unolingo Tiny_avatar Up & Down Words Tiny_avatar Word Roundup

Coming Soon

Tiny_avatar Jumble Classic