Wallace the Brave by Will Henry

Type: Comic Strip
Frequency: Daily
Categories: For Kids.

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Wallace the Brave follows a strong, quirky family living in the quaint town of Snug Harbor. At the center of their adventure is Wallace, the adventurous eldest of two brothers. With his friends from Moonstone Elementary School by his side, Wallace experiences the thrills of childhood with the youthful bravery of a six-year-old.

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Will Henry

Will Henry is the creator behind Ordinary Bill and Wallace the Brave, both on GoComics. His professional career began with his strip Room Mates, which was published in The Daily Campus during his time at the University of Connecticut. He draws his inspiration from everyday life and in the age of the smartphone, he aims to recreate a world in which kids “still collect bugs, fly kites and eat ice cream cones upside down.” He lives in Rhode Island with his wife, his cat, and his mistress, the sea.

Meet the Cast of Wallace the Brave

Wallace Wallace is an honest six-year-old. He embraces school, nature, comics and pinball. He is a good friend, a kind person and ever the optimist. He is the sort of kid who will find adventure anywhere.
Spud Spud is Wallace’s best and most noble friend. Yes, he is peculiar and a whisper neurotic, but he stands by Wallace at all times. Without Wallace, Spud would spend his time in a dimly lit living room watching cat videos.
Amelia Amelia is the new girl in Snug Harbor. She is intense and opinionated. Never intimidated, never complacent. If things get boring, Amelia will surely spice them up at anybody’s expense.
Mrs. Maclellan Mrs. Maclellan is Wallace’s mother. She is strong, independent, excitable and fun. She enjoys surfing, gardening and anything outdoors. She is also an avid comic book reader, although she’s the last to admit it.
Mr. Maclellan Mr. Maclellan is Wallace’s father, also known as Dad. He is a weathered fisherman who enjoys teasing his children, like most fathers do. He can be fun, but is usually a stubborn and sharp contrast to Mrs. Maclellan’s playfulness.
Mrs. MacIntosh Mrs. Macintosh is the 2nd grade teacher at Moonstone Elementary. She is stern, smart and compassionate. She understands the importance of her role but also the importance of childhood. She loves reggae music and summer vacation.
Sterling Sterling is Wallace’s younger, feral brother. He may have been raised by wolves or he just acts like it. He usually has no idea what’s going on around him, but demands your attention anyway.
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