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The Andrews McMeel Syndication catalog of websites comprises a vast community of valuable online consumers. From comics to columns to games, we offer some of the most-desired and sought-after content on the Web. When you advertise with Andrews McMeel Syndication, countless options abound, including multiple ad positions as well as cross-media promotional opportunities featuring banners, e-mail and mobile campaigns.

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  • GoComics.com & ComicsSherpa.com

    The largest collection of comics and political cartoons anywhere on the Web. It's the classics you know and love like Calvin and Hobbes, Doonesbury, Garfield, and new favorites like The Argyle Sweater, Lio and Pooch Café. There are comics for every demographic and category - family, pets, outlets or narrowed down to a specific feature to suit specific target audiences. Sponsorship opportunities are also available.

    Traffic: Over 70 million page views monthly; over 1.8 million monthly unique visitors; 5 average minutes per visit; 13 page views per visit

    Demographics: Skews male 58%; 85% 25 and older; educated audience with 70%+ college graduates; most are purchasing decision-makers

    Ad Positions: Leaderboard, rectangle, skyscraper and pop-under, email; custom sponsorships available

  • ThePuzzleSociety.com©

    The ultimate site for a very active puzzle community, featuring the best “Games to Maintain your Brain.” More than 70 puzzles are updated weekly and members have access to 8,000 archived puzzles. Categories include crosswords, trivia and card games, plus the wildy popular Sudoku and Jumble®, as well as the nationally syndicated L.A. Times Crossword and USA TODAY Crossword.

    Traffic: 2 million page views monthly; over 100K monthly unique visitors; average of 12 minutes per visit; 6 page views per visit

    Demographics: Skews female 58%; an educated, affluent audience with 95% 35 and older

    Ad Positions: Leaderboard, rectangle, skyscraper and pop-under

  • uExpress.com

    Featuring Dear Abby and News of the Weird

    uExpress.com is the destination site for the biggest, best known names in advice and opinion columns with multiple Pulitzer Prize winners. The columnists include world-famous advice-giver Dear Abby, political cartoonists and experts on pets, finance, horoscopes and more.

    Traffic: Over 2 million page views monthly; over 200K monthly unique visitors; 3.5 average minutes per visit

    Demographics: Audience leans female 64%; mostly older audience (75% 35 and above)

    Ad Positions: Leaderboard, rectangle and skyscraper

  • Fbofw.com

    For Better or For Worse is one of the top five syndicated comics in the world! Millions of loyal fans go to FBorFW.com for comic archives, interactive games, an online store and more, making it the ultimate destination for any fan or parent looking for a family-friendly site.

    Traffic: 150K monthly unique visitors; 2 million page views

    Demographics: 58% of total readership is female; 75% 35+ years of age

    Ad Positions: Leaderboard, skyscraper and rectangle