In the Sticks and Politics: Comic Strip Looks to the Right

Kansas City, Mo. (April 13, 2010) - Universal Uclick has announced that Nathan Cooper's golf-themed comic strip, In the Sticks, is about to dogleg to the right. The political right, that is.

Beginning with the April 12 strip, In the Sticks will dispatch a daily dose of humor from the Blooming Dogleg Country Club colored by a conservative political perspective.

The first politically themed strips, as one might expect at this time of year, deal with taxes.

"This is the time of year that everyone, whether they feel strongly about politics or not, is affected by Washington," said Cooper. "So it's the perfect time to introduce the new political direction the strip will be taking."

Cooper says the progression to politics was a natural one.

"The golf course is a small business, and everyone knows it's been small businesses who've had the most to sweat about under the current administration," said Cooper. "Tax season came along and the timing was just right. With the scenario playing out in In the Sticks, the move toward more political stories seemed obvious.

"Once I started writing it I realized how rarely the conservative perspective finds its way into this kind of entertainment. From that moment on, I knew this was the future of the strip."

In the Sticks will now tread a path that, while uncommon, has produced some of the most buzz-producing comics in the industry, including Bloom County, Outland, Opus, Prickly City, The Boondocks and perhaps most famously, Garry Trudeau's oft-controversial Doonesbury.

"A lot of mainstream strips have made their name through politics," said Cooper, "and many more get political from time to time, but it seems to me the conservative view is underrepresented. The right is getting a lot of headlines with the minutiae of the Tea Party, the comings and goings of Sarah Palin, and all of that "Party of No" stuff - but I think what the right is really all about gets lost in the noise."

"In the Sticks is my humble attempt to offer a light-hearted and honest look at everyday conservatism, and to make people laugh in the process."

Cooper's syndicate is excited about the new direction the strip is taking.

"This is a bold move that adds a great new dimension to In the Sticks," said John Glynn, Universal Uclick editor and vice president of acquisitions and development. "The artwork is already outstanding, and Nathan Cooper's humor is top-notch. Having seen the work that's coming, I know readers and editors alike will be pleased with the new ground he's covering."

According to Cooper, fans concerned about the strip's newfound conservative point of view need not be concerned that the other side of the political aisle won't be represented.

"Cosmo, the 'appropriately blue' jay, will have liberals' backs," said Cooper. "He's there to make sure my own bias doesn't completely take over the strip, and with his strong personality, he'll always have his moments in the sun. But I'd be lying if I didn't admit that yes, he will also be the butt of many jokes."

Cooper then offers a concession that should give liberal readers hope: "Someone really does need to start spell-checking those Tea Party protest signs."

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