Universal Uclick Celebrates 25 Years of “Betty”

Kansas City, MO (December 9, 2016) – Join Universal Uclick in commemorating the 25th anniversary of the popular comic strip Betty

For almost three decades, Betty—the intelligent, content, and unflinchingly average star of the eponymous comic strip—has charmed readers with her amusing relatability. Betty (joined by Bub, Junior, and Alex) has provided a portrait of modern womanhood in addition to perennial commentary on contemporary society.

Reflecting on Betty’s outstanding run, co-creator Gary Delainey said, “I think what Gerry and I enjoy most about Betty, her family, and her friends is their company and, in particular, their ability to surprise us with an action or observation. For me, as the writer, that’s how I know I’ve really got something—it surprises me! And, thanks to a poor memory, when I read it again years later, I am surprised all over again!” Delainey went on to add, “Gerry and I are very proud of Betty, very grateful for the support of our readers and our client newspapers, and very thankful for all the continued help and assistance from Universal.”

About the Creators

Originally from Alberta, Canada, Gary Delainey and Gerry Rasmussen first met as senior high school students in a local art competition. Their paths crossed again the following fall, when they each enrolled in the Fine Arts program at the University of Alberta. Delainey and Rasmussen first worked together in 1976 on the comic strip Bub Slug, where the character of Betty first appeared. Ever since becoming a stand-alone strip in 1991, Betty has been a sensation—the strip received the Wilbur Award for its series on Junior (Betty's son) getting baptized. Delainey and Rasmussen continue to live and work in Alberta, Canada.  

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