Readers: Say “YES!” to the Dress in Luann Comic Strip

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – As comic strip characters Brad and Toni prepare to walk down the aisle in December, Luann cartoonist Greg Evans is inviting readers to be a part of the big day with an interactive dress design contest on  

Readers can submit wedding dress designs through Oct. 3, 2016. These images will be featured on the site from Oct. 6-17, during which time fans will be able to vote for their favorite wedding dress. Evans will recreate the winning wedding dress, determined by number of votes, which will debut in the Luann comic strip in December, with credit to the designer. 

“It’s always fun to step outside the comic strip box and actively engage readers,” Evans said. “In March 1995, I did a fashion show in Luann and asked readers to submit drawings. Huge bundles of mail arrived with thousands of amazing fashion designs – from crayon scrawls on a napkin to full-size sewing patterns! This time, it’s all about one perfect wedding dress. But, as before, I know we will be amazed at the creativity we’ll see.”

As anticipation builds for the monumental event, the specially created website allows readers to subscribe to the “guestbook” to receive weekly email newsletters about the contest and wedding, reminisce with a collection of comic strips showcasing Brad and Toni’s relationship and donate to in lieu of weddings gifts. For more information and to participate, visit

Making its debut on March 17, 1985, readers have followed along as Luann tackled the trials and tribulations of becoming a young adult. Known for its rich characters and intriguing “what will happen next” storylines, Luann enjoys a reader loyalty rare on the comics page, consistently ranking among the Top 5 in reader surveys. 

Evans was voted Outstanding Cartoonist of the Year in 2003 by the National Cartoonists Society, partly for his efforts in holding up Luann as a fine example of the positive power comic strips can have. 

Growing up in Los Angeles, Evans attended California State University-Northridge. After graduating, he worked as a high school art teacher in El Centro, California. He married his wife, Betty, and they taught in Australia, then spent some time traveling through Asia and the Middle East before finally settling back in the United States and starting a family. Since 2012, Greg’s daughter, Karen, has collaborated with him on the writing of the strip.  Evans currently resides in San Diego.  

Read Luann at or in Spanish at In addition, LuannAgainn, which restarts Luann from the very first strip, is available at

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