Universal Uclick Artist Robb Armstrong Releases Illustrated Memoir

KANSAS CITY, MO (May 5, 2016) – Robb Armstrong, creator of the award-winning comic strip JumpStart, has released a new illustrated memoir entitled Fearless: A Cartoonist’s Guide to Life. Armstrong’s work enjoys tremendous popularity — JumpStart is currently syndicated in more than 400 newspapers nationwide — and his new book assembles 100 of the most treasured comic strips from his 25-year career. 

Fearless deftly braids together compelling personal narrative with original illustrations and simple drawing tutorials. The book ranges from Armstrong’s heartbreaking stories of growing up in a rough neighborhood in West Philadelphia to the everyday joys of family life, with motivational guidance throughout. Armstrong’s memoir inspires readers to live fearlessly, pursue their dreams, and get more out of life – more creativity, more spirituality, and ultimately, more happiness.

Praise for Robb Armstrong and Fearless

“Robb Armstrong populates his comic strip with great, well-drawn characters...and that's the whole thing.”

Charles Schulz, creator of the nationally syndicated comic strip Peanuts

“Fearless jumps off the page and shakes you up, man! Sensational! I love the passion, the tribute to his family and the love of the art. This is what it’s all about!”

Quincy Jones, music producer, composer, and arranger

“The book is an inspiration and a true pleasure, with some of the most insightful cartooning advice you will ever read.” 

Scott Adams, creator of the nationally syndicated comic strip Dilbert

About Robb Armstrong 

Robb Armstrong began JumpStart with the hopes of providing an authentic, positive representation of middle-class African-Americans. After 25 years, the award-winning comic strip now reaches 80 million readers in eight countries. Armstrong’s work has been featured in The New Yorker; he’s been a guest on “Good Morning America,” MSNBC and numerous local and national TV shows. In addition to making cartoons, Armstrong is also a motivational speaker. He currently lives with his wife in Burbank, California. 

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