Universal Uclick Celebrates Twenty-Five Years of "Real Life Adventures"

Kansas City, MO (March 24, 2016) – Universal Uclick(UU) celebrates the 25th anniversary of Gary Wise and Lance Aldrich’s popular comic strip, Real Life Adventures, on March 24, 2016. Real Life Adventures originated on a slow day in the office in 1991, when Gary Wise decided to team up with friend and advertising counterpart, Lance Aldrich, to create the comic panel. Since then, Aldrich has handled the writing, complemented by Wise’s illustrations.For the last two and a half decades, Real LifeAdventures finds humor in the everyday slog—bosses, cheating at golf, eating over the sink, toenail clippings, clogged pipes, clogged arteries, and parking crooked at the mall—to the delight of fans all over the world. 

Adrich and Wise consider their slice-of-life depictions as a commentary on the simple nuances of existence. As Aldrich once told The Washington Post, “I think most people live the same kind of lives we do. There’s nothing extraordinary in most people’s lives. And it’s just the daily little stumbles, you have to have humor to get through it. I think most people in a certain age range and a certain stage of life relate to our cartoon."

Real Life Adventures is available online at gocomics.com/reallifeadventures or in their three e-collections: The Sporting Life, Married Life, and Life’s Work.

About the Authors

Originally from Detroit, Gary Wise attended the College for Creative Studies in Detroit. He entered into the advertising world in the `80s and has been practicing ever since. Wise continues to live and work in Michigan.Also from Michigan, Lance Aldrich graduated from Michigan State University. He entered the advertising world because it required no knowledge of math, and he was very successful—even receiving a few awards. Aldrich continues to live and work in Michigan with his wife and cats. He is, as he was in advertising, still afraid that people will discover that he actually has no idea what he’s doing.

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