Universal Uclick Celebrates 30th Anniversary of “In the Bleachers” Comic

(Sept. 1, 2015) Kansas City, Mo. – 

Universal Uclick is excited to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Steve Moore’s In the Bleachers comic this month.

Launching in newspapers on Sept. 1, 1985, and syndicated by Universal Uclick since 1995, Moore’s In the Bleachers lovingly skews sports – from fans to games to the culture at large. With hilarious drawings and a style all his own, Moore brings a unique sense of humor to the plate, helping us to laugh at ourselves, our athletic heroes and those in the professional spotlight. Whether you’re a rookie player or a serious sports fanatic, the humor and irony highlighted by In the Bleachers can’t be matched.

“When Bleachers launched in 1985, I figured it would survive about as long as the average career of an NFL running back,” said Moore. “Its success over the past few decades has been a surprise and a blessing.”

Commemorating the 30th anniversary of the sports-themed comic, GoComics, from Universal Uclick, and Moore have teamed up to bring In the Bleachers fans a celebration featuring creator insight, giveaways and more on GoComics (blogs.gocomics.com/in-the-bleachers/).  

o   Reflecting on this milestone anniversary, Moore has shared his 30 favorite In the Bleachers comics and included insight behind his top 5 favorites. The collection and commentary are showcased at blogs.gocomics.com/2015/08/thirty-years-of-in-the-bleachers-steve-moores-favorite-comics.html

o   GoComics is hosting a giveaway featuring archive-quality, signed In the Bleachers comic prints. Fans can enter to win at blogs.gocomics.com/2015/08/giveaway-archive-quality-in-the-bleachers-comics-1.html

o   Universal Uclick President John Glynn provides firsthand insight into the comic’s  humor and history. The post is available at blogs.gocomics.com/2015/09/in-the-bleachers-turns-30-.html

o   Moore speaks about his cartooning history, experience, inspiration and lesser-known In the Bleachers facts in a “Meet Your Creator” installment on the GoComics blog. Visit blogs.gocomics.com/2015/03/meet-your-creator-steve-moore-in-the-bleachers.html

Born in Colorado, Moore grew up in Southern California. He graduated from Oregon State University and completed his master's degree in journalism at the University of Oregon, his alma mater’s rival institution. After college, he worked as the sports editor for The Maui News in Hawaii. During this time, he created In the Bleachers. Soon after, Moore moved to the Los Angeles Times where he worked in sports, news and features for 11 years. He resigned as the Times executive news editor in order to concentrate on his comic and to work in TV/feature film animation. Success followed in this field as well, and he completed two animated feature films that, combined, grossed $299 million worldwide: "Open Season” and “Alpha & Omega.” Moore has produced 26 animated shorts for ESPN and is the creator of a children's animated TV show titled "Metalheads." Moore is a Professor of the Practice at Boise State University, which is a program that identifies talented and accomplished business, scientific and artistic leaders from around the country and invites them to bring world-class experience and excitement to students.

In the Bleachers is available online at gocomics.com/inthebleachers or via the GoComics mobile app.

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