Universal Uclick Celebrates 20th Anniversary of “Reality Check” Comic Strip

(April 7, 2015) Kansas City, Mo. – Universal Uclick is excited to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Dave Whamond’s Reality Check comic panel this month.

Reality Check first started appearing in papers 20 years ago,” Whamond said. "Then, the Internet was just coming into its own, comics were printed much larger and a lot has changed. But I have, too. It's been truly great being a part of it all."

Commemorating the 20th anniversary of the beloved comic strip, GoComics, from Universal Uclick, and Dave Whamond have teamed up to bring Reality Check fans a monthlong celebration featuring social media experiences, giveaways and more throughout April.

·      Social Media

o   GoComics will host a one-hour live Q&A session on Twitter with Whamond. The Twitter session will take place on Fri., April 17 at 1:30 p.m. CT. Fans can submit questions to and follow the conversation using the hashtag #AskDaveWhamond.  

·      GoComics Blog

o   The GoComics blog (blogs.gocomics.com) will feature a guest-written blog post from the strip’s editor, Kendra Phipps. GoComics will also host a weeklong giveaway on the blog featuring archive-quality autographed Reality Check prints.

o   Whamond will share his cartooning history and experience in an installment of the “Meet Your Creator” series on the GoComics blog, publishing April 18.

Making its debut on April 5, 1995, Whamond offers an offbeat view of the world in Reality Check, exposing the hidden hilarity in everyday situations.

"I just frame some of the silliness of everyday life in the comic and invite people to take a double-take -- to look at life from another angle," explains Whamond. "Reality Check is more a state of mind than anything else. The characters could be people you know -- maybe even a bit of yourself -- but the names have been changed to protect the innocent."

Whamond's illustrations have been published in Sports Illustrated, Psychology Today, Owl, National Geographic World, Boston Globe and the Wall Street Journal.

He has worked on numerous major national ad campaigns, including Canadian Superstores, Coke, Barqs, Tim Hortons, McDonalds, Visa, Chrysler and Taco Bell. Whamond taught third-and fourth-year illustration at his alma mater, the Alberta College of Art and Design, from 1997 through 2006.

Whamond has illustrated over 25 children’s books, including the "Oddrey" series, the "Hot Dog and Bob" series, "Boy Meets Dog," "Alphabest" and "My Think-a-ma-jink." His book "My Think-a-ma-jink" was animated for a Bookaboo episode, a TV show for CBC and BBC.


His comic panel Reality Check, syndicated by Universal Uclick, is going into its 20th year and appears daily in newspapers worldwide. It was nominated as best comic panel by the National Cartoonists Society.


Whamond has won numerous awards, including four Reuben Awards from the National Cartoonists Society for Magazine, Book, Newspaper, and Advertising illustration. His children's books have won two Blue Spruce Awards and a Silver Birch Award for Best Children's book of the year. His book "Oddrey and the New Kid" was just nominated for a Blue Spruce Award this year.

Whamond lives in Calgary with his wife and two kids.

Reality Check is available online at gocomics.com/realitycheck or via the GoComics mobile app.

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