Universal Uclick Launches WuMo as Largest Syndicated Comic Strip in Company History

Universal Uclick launches WuMo in 212 publications 

Kansas City, Mo. (Nov. 4, 2013) – Universal Uclick, an Andrews McMeel Universal company, has launched

WuMo in 212 publications on Monday, Nov., 4, making it the largest syndicated comic launch in company history, exceeding the number of clients at launch of even Calvin and Hobbes, The Boondocks and The Far Side.

WuMo will run seven days a week in 212 U.S. newspapers and other syndicated outlets, including The Chicago Tribune, The New York Daily News, The Washington Post and The Boston Globe, as well as international publications Japan Times (Tokyo) and Metro U.K. (London).
WuMo is available on Universal Uclick's online publishing site and mobile application GoComics, home to many of the world’s most notable comic strips, comic panels and editorial cartoons.
Universal Uclick President John Glynn notes that the excitement for the strip has been contagious, with editors from both small and large markets quick to add WuMo to their rosters.
“It's been fun for us to see the laugh-out-loud response so many editors have given to WuMo," Glynn said.
Created by writer Mikael Wulff and illustrator Anders Morgenthaler, WuMo celebrates life’s absurdity and bittersweet ironies, holding up a funhouse mirror to our modern world and those who live in it.
“Our goal from the beginning was to get the comic to America,” Wulff said. “Now that it’s happening, it’s very much a time of joy and excitement on our part.”
’s artwork and irreverent humor have helped WuMo grow from an underground sensation to one of the most popular comic strips in Europe. While the humor in WuMo is universal, the pair's main comedic influences are all American, and they have been creating new comics that incorporate U.S. pop culture and ways of life.
In addition to WuMo, Wulff and Morgenthaler have had great success in the comedy field, running Scandinavia’s biggest comedy website, which attracts 200,000 daily users. The pair has also created a popular animated sitcom, "The Pandas." Wulff is a stand-up comedian, bringing his routine to one-man shows, DVDs, TV and radio shows. Morgenthaler is a movie director, with films ranging from children’s movies to
avant-garde art-house fare. 
For more information about WuMo and its creators, visit universaluclick.com/comics/strip/wumo or read it online at gocomics.com/wumo.
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