The Puzzle Society Adds New Games

The Puzzle Society (, a part of the Universal Uclick syndicate family, is excited to announce the addition of new features to its lineup of entertaining and popular word games and puzzles.

The most recent addition, Unolingo, – pronounced “you-know-lingo” – offers a challenging and creative spin on a traditional crossword puzzle. Comparable to a Sudoku puzzle, substituting letters for numbers, each Unolingo puzzle is a 10x10 crossword without clues. Players must use word knowledge, logic and deductive reasoning to solve the puzzle, which requires filling the 26 empty squares using each letter in the alphabet.

With a rapidly growing global fan base, Unolingo solutions are English words used in everyday conversations. Each puzzle takes about 5-15 minutes for completion. With four levels of difficulty to choose from, this word puzzle is perfect for puzzlers, from beginners to pros.  

“Unolingo is poised to be the next great puzzle. It is unique in its appeal to all ages, and is fun for the daily commuter, casual puzzler, or serious word buff,” Unolingo creator Ian Mailing said. “The varying difficulties and mind-bending nature of the puzzle make it ideally suited to both collaborative and competitive situations.”

In addition, The Puzzle Society now features several other new games in various categories. As an expansion of the word search offerings, The Puzzle Society added Word Roundup Trailblazer, Word Roundup Frenzy and Word Roundup Bingo. Its crossword puzzle category has grown to include Pat Sajak’s Code Letter Crosswords, Pat Sajak’s Lucky Letters and Bilingual Crossword.

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An online community for puzzle and gaming enthusiasts who enjoy mental challenges or a break from their daily routines, The Puzzle Society offers many of the most well-known puzzles and word games, including USA Today Crossword, Jumble Classic, KenKen, Sudoku, 7 Little Words and TV Guide Daily Trivia. It offers diverse content, including starter-level puzzles for those who are new or rediscovering an old passion for crosswords, word puzzles or number games.

The Puzzle Society provides fun and challenging mental stimuli throughout the day. Studies have shown that puzzle solving provides valuable mental stimuli that can improve memory, language skills and activity in areas of the brain responsible for recognition, attention and spatial relationships.

Media Contact:
Julie Halper, Universal Uclick