A bundle of joy for the New Year : Thatababy

by Madison Taylor

January 3rd, 2011

When I heard from Paul Trap last week he was excited about two developments in his life. And that's saying something because 2010 was a big year for Paul, who toiled as an artist for the Times-News in the 1980s and was a key figure in the look of the newspaper back in those days. His signature creation then was The Red Baron, the Times-News weather bird that became something of a mascot for the paper.

Then, of course, life took him to other sites across America. But Burlington has never been far from Paul's mind. After all, who can forget the Graham Cinema, summer nights of minor league baseball and hot dogs from Zack's?

Certainly not Paul Trap as it turns out.

For most of the past couple of years Paul, who now lives in Massachusetts with wife Patty and teenage son Bridger, has been developing a comic strip. I saw an early incarnation of it in 2008 and told Paul then that when it became ready for syndication he should let me know.

Sometime last year it happened. Paul's creation is called Thatababy. It's now featured on the comics pages of a few dozen newspapers across the nation. Last week Paul was excited about a couple of recent additions.

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