Dan Thompson, creator of the Rip Haywire comic strip, now teaching through Taught By A Pro

(June 28, 2014) -- Dan Thompson recently added two courses on comic creation to the Taught By A Pro online course catalog. In the course Awesome Storytelling in Webcomics, Dan Thompson provides instruction on the art of writing a compelling story that will engage readers for a webcomic or comic strip. Using Rip Haywire he describes an approach and structure for a month of daily comics which will keep readers coming back for more. In addition to storytelling, Dan also has a course on coloring comic books, comic strips and webcomics – Awesome Coloring in Webcomics. In this course he demonstrates how to color comics so they can be used as webcomics, comic books or print comic strips.

Dan Thompson joins comic strip artists Michael Jantze and Tom Bancroft to the list of Taught By A Pro animation, illustration and comic art instructors. Michael Jantze, creator of syndicated comic strip The Norm, teaches a course on Drawriting a Comic Strip. Michael Jantze’s course describes his approach called Drawriting for creating humorous comic strips and also describes creating an environment that will set the stage for funny situations. The author of the Outnumbered webcomic, Tom Bancroft, an author of character design books teaches courses on character design (Introduction to Character Design, Character Design for a Purpose, and more).

Over time, Taught By A Pro expects to feature more professional like Dan Thompson and Michael Jantze to ensure that aspiring comic artists have the instruction they need to create awesome comics, webcomics and comic strips.

Dan Thompson is the creator of syndicated comic strip Rip Haywire  (http://www.riphaywire.com/) as well as the single panel comic Brevity (http://www.gocomics.com/brevity), the comic Lost Sheep (http://www.gocomics.com/lostsheep) and the children’s puzzle strip Kidspot. Dan Thompson began his professional career doing character design and animation for FunnyBone Interactive, part of Vivendi Universal, then moved into freelance cartoon illustration and gag cartooning. A member of the National Cartoonists Society, he writes and draws cartoons for magazines, greeting cards, comic books and Web sites. See Dan Thompson’s online courses on webcomics and comic strips – Awesome Storytelling in Webcomics and Awesome Coloring in Webcomics.

Source: Taught By A Pro