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  • Tiny_avatar Ask Someone Else's Momby Susan Writer

    Award-winning columnist and small business owner Susan Writer has worn a few hats in her day, but her favorite title of all is that of Mom (although she will answer to Her Royal Majesty under the right circumstances). Susan now rules a nearly empty nest, but continues to dispense motherly wisdom to her three twenty-somethings - whether they ask for it or not - and will do her best to take on the questions of other young adults and the people who care about them. Reach her at

  • Tiny_avatar Doonesburyby Garry Trudeau

    Articulate, abrasive, political, compassionate, misunderstood, misprinted and outrageous -- never complacent. Garry Trudeau is America's premier social and political satirist.

  • Tiny_avatar The Fusco Brothersby J.C. Duffy

    Slightly off-beat, but always on target, The Fusco Brothers will always give what you didn't expect.

  • Tiny_avatar Garfieldby Jim Davis

    He's a wise-cracking, nap-taking, coffee-guzzling, lasagna-loving, Monday-hating, dog-punting, spider-whacking, mailman-mauling fat cat. He's Garfield -- the world's most hilarious (and popular) feline!