At Home by Marty Ross/Elaine Markoutsas/Mary G. Pepitone

Type: Text Feature
Frequency: Sundays
Categories: Advice, Lifestyle & Consumer.

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The four elements of the At Home service include:

• By Design: Elaine Markoutsas highlights the latest trends in decorating and design — from antique to haute couture — and includes offerings that run from economical to extravagant.

• Home Touch: Mary Pepitone gets down to the dirty work of change, whether it’s a new backyard deck or just maximizing closet space, with input from leaders in the craft and home improvement industries.

• The Well-Dressed Garden: Marty Ross takes us outside, where relaxation and renewal are just steps away, nurturing that instinctual urge to connect with nature without breaking the bank ... or your back.

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Marty Ross/Elaine Markoutsas/Mary G. Pepitone

By Design by Elaine Markoutsas
Trends, people and products making news in the world of design; 1,100 words, four to six color photographs.

Home Touch by Mary G. Pepitone
Mary G. Pepitone writes about food and home issues for newspapers, magazines and regional housing publications; 800 words and a color photograph.

The Well-Dressed Garden by Marty Ross
Landscaping and outdoor decorating advice to extend living spaces out of doors; 800 words and one color photograph.

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