Prizeweek Puzzle by Barbara Whiting

Type: Puzzle
Frequency: 1x Weekly

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A popular newspaper feature for more than 40 years, Prizeweek Puzzle is a weekly competition puzzle that combines the challenge of a crossword with the excitement of a cash jackpot. The clues are a combination of standard crossword puzzle clues and multiple-choice clues. Players have to figure out the missing letters to fill in the blanks, complete the words -- and win the jackpot.

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Barbara Whiting

Barbara Whiting teaches journalism and business writing in Vancouver. She is also the co-writer and director of a comedy series that can be seen on comedy websites such as the Emmy Award winning Funny Or Die site. She began her career in Toronto as a radio feature news reporter. After moving to Vancouver, she continued to work in broadcasting, in a variety of roles that included radio talk show co-host as well as news reporter. Scriptwriting has also played a prominent role in Barbara’s life, beginning with her employment at a multimedia company where she wrote for both animation and live action videos. She’s also co-written and directed three theatrical productions in Vancouver.

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