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This weekly text feature introduces three new kid-friendly websites. The sites offer fun activities such as games and puzzles, while at the same time encouraging kids to explore, learn and experiment with new ideas and concepts. The sites have been thoroughly vetted by the team behind the feature, and both parents and kids can rest assured that there is no inappropriate content on the recommended sites. In addition to the three websites, there are other components to the feature: Ask Amy, a Q&A about the Web; Speak Out, a question designed for reader feedback; and the Kid Quest Challenge, which calls on kids to answer questions about the featured websites.

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Meet the Cast of www.4Kids.org

Checking out the websites for www.4kids.org every week is an excuse to surf the Net without feeling guilty. The sites are aimed at kids, but as an adult, I find all of them interesting, and some of them truly fascinating. In the last few weeks, I've performed a brain scan; wandered through the halls of the Houses of Parliament in London; seen Thomas Jefferson's fossil collection; played the various instruments in an orchestra; and used an astrolabe to find latitude. This feature not only opens up the world online, but also the world itself.

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