TOBY by Corey Pandolph

Type: Comic Strip
Frequency: 3x Weekly
Categories: Men, Web Exclusive, Robots, Satan, Modern Life.

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TOBY, Robot Satan is the story of Morris Gumboot and his befriending of the insane robot called TOBY. At a meager 4'8 tall, Morris lives a depressing life as a bartender at McGullwack's Pub in New York City. TOBY spends his days wearing a Viking helmet and claiming he's the Devil incarnate. Lonely and feeling pity for TOBY, Morris takes him in as his roommate, having no idea what evil TOBY may, or may not unleash upon the populace. Together, their follies and foibles make them the modern day Odd Couple... Only with robots... And sometimes plutonium.

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Corey Pandolph

Born and raised in the Adirondack Mountains of New York State, Corey Pandolph found creative inspiration at an early age through everyday life in a rural small town.

Pandolph is a comedy writer/cartoonist who creates the syndicated daily comic strip The Elderberries, the Web comic Barkeater Lake, and Toby, Robot Satan, all of which are available on He currently creates the "Rob the Evil Backstabbing Robot" comic for MAD Magazine¹s Strip Club and he writes a regular column for the humor Web sites Drink at Work and The

He and wife Kristen MacIntire Pandolph currently live in New York City.

Meet the Cast of TOBY

TOBY He's a robot who thinks he's Satan.
Morris Gumboot TOBY's caretaker.

TOBY Robot Satan is one of those rare strips that combines humor with the robotic incarnation of Satan himself. Naturally, he works at the Apple store. Behold as Morris Gumboot, hapless human roommate and resigned minion, struggles to lead a normal life with his very patient girlfriend and his unfortunate cat. Revel in the fact that your roommate is not bent on world domination. Bask in the hilarity and the absurdity of TOBY.

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