Pinkerton by Mike Witmer

Type: Comic Strip
Frequency: Daily
Categories: Web Exclusive, Pets, Men, Women.

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Need a change of scenery? Welcome to Pinkerton National Park. Meet Buckley, a happy-go-lucky fox, lover of walks in the forest and hedgehog fajitas. And Tucker Rabbit, a brash, sarcastic divorced sourpuss - with 42 offspring he craves, unsurprisingly, the sound of silence. Then there's Steve, the guinea pig raised as a Moose, and his do-gooder guardian and younger brother Martin, a well-antlered fullblood. There's mischief and mayhem in the glens and hollows of Pinkerton, not to mention what goes on in Fern's bar - often involving Wayne and Percy, the dishwashing ferrets. So pull up a stump: The wild has never been more weird.

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Mike Witmer

Mike Witmer's first cartooning job was drawing caricatures of his neighborhood friends, for which he received rave reviews and a fat lip. He attended the Pennsylvania School of Art and Design as a Commercial Arts major for two years, then realized he was bored and broke. Naturally, he enlisted. During his ten years with the Air Force he contributed illustrations to Air Force magazines and publications, both stateside and in Europe, and created a few "editorial strips".

In March 2004, he began developing the daily comic strip which became 44 UNION AVENUE, basing it loosely on his own family and childhood. The feature was quickly picked up by the local newspaper, and subsequently migrated to other papers and publications, including an online run at In 2006 the feature was was syndicated by In the summer of that year he responded to a compelling impulse to launch into new, more densely populated comic strip territory, and in July of that year PINKERTON was launched.

Mike lives in Lancaster County, PA, with his wife, two daughters, four dogs (yes, one is 44's Jack), and a bunch of dirty cats. And maybe a buffalo.

Meet the Cast of Pinkerton

Buckley Happy-go-lucky fox.
Tucker Rabbit Brash, sarcastic and divorced. Father of 42 very noisy children.
Steve A guinea pig raised as a moose.
Martin Steve's older brother. An actual moose.

Pinkerton is a rarity - it's nonstop, unfettered weirdness distilled into comic strip form. There's no adventure too crazy for the mixed-up residents of this unusual park, and if you think that wilderness strips are predictable, look again. You're in for a treat.

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