Bewley by Anthony Blades

Type: Comic Strip
Frequency: Daily
Categories: Family, Men, Pets, Women.

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The strip focuses on the day-to-day lives of a family of bluebirds. The ever-optimistic Bewley is consistently undermined by the shenanigans of his over-protective wife and twins Bea and Tonus. Only Coco the Egg lets him really express himself. The strip is as bright and enthusiastic as Bewley himself.

Bewley sample

Anthony Blades

After obtaining a degree in Civil Engineering, Ant realized that cartoons were more important and after a short animation course at Central St. Martins is now cartooning, illustrating and animating full time. He lives in London, UK and has been drawing Bewley for 8 years.

Meet the Cast of Bewley

Bewley The patriarch of the family - loving, supportive, sometimes absent-minded, and always fiercely individual.
Adie Bewley's loving and supportive wife. She's protective of her family, and rock steady in any storm.
Bea and Tonus The twins. Mischievous but well-meaning.
Coco the Egg The only one who can just let Bewley be himself.

Bewley is a warm, gentle strip that mixes sentimental everyday family life with a funny, unique take on the modern world. From kids to work to the particular challenges of an unusual family, Bewley has something for everyone.

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